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Gooseneck Microphones with Head
  • Gooseneck Microphones with Head

Gooseneck Microphones with Head

Desktop microphone that connects to a computer via USB
Uni-directional microphone picks up whispers
Fully adjustable gooseneck microphone
A great web conferencing tool
Noise-canceling technology
Sturdy metal construction
On/Off Switch and LED on/off
Gooseneck Microphones with Head

USB desktop microphone designed especially for any hands free recording, VoIP, web video conferencing and communication via internet. Features a fully adjustable gooseneck microphone with a noise-canceling technology, Record LED indicator and an on/off switch

The USB microphone element is surrounded by 5 mm of thick metal tubing to provide unmatched flexibility and durability.  
The USB conference microphone has a built in state of the art microphone element eliminating interference caused by on-board chip sets that are often placed close to noisy electrical circuitry and can negatively affect speech recognition or dictation results. 
Contort this hands free microphone into any desired position to suit your recording needs. 
The integration of windscreen filtered audio technology makes this by far our highest quality USB hands free gooseneck microphone to date. 

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