Stayput Gooseneck Flexible Tubing
  • Stayput Gooseneck Flexible Tubing
  • Stayput Gooseneck Flexible Tubing
  • Stayput Gooseneck Flexible Tubing

Stayput Gooseneck Flexible Tubing

The flexible hose products (goosenecks) are widely used in LED lamp & lantern, lighting, microphone, headset, earphone, camera,USB products, medical and detection equipment, consumer electronics, decoration, desktop magnifier, mechanical lighting, toy and
Product Features:
The Gooseneck Tube (Flexible Gooseneck Tubing / Steel Gooseneck Tube) is able to support, bend into any shape,adjust bending position and 
protect wires inside. Different treatments of outlook are available to meet different requirements. 
The supplying range is OD2.0mm~40.0mm and minimum ID is 1.2mm which is defined according to specifications.

The Stayput / Gooseneck tubing is ideal for use when there is a requirement for a positionable element to their operation. They can be used as suds oil hoses on lathes, millers etc. Their use also covers a range of concept designs and special applications i.e. microphone, sat nav and iPod supports.
Typical Applications
- Stayput Coolant Hoses
-Stayput Lights,
-Cameras & Microphones,
-USB Stayput Lights & Fans,
-Stayput Flexible Arms on Machines.
-Industrial Endoscopes & Detecting Instruments

-Positionable Support
-Mechanical Strength
-Chemical Resistance
-Combinations of fittings
-Available with Heat Shrink PVC /Polyolefin cover

- Black Finished
- Baked Paint
- Brass Plated
- Chrome Plated
- Copper Plated
- Galvanized
- Nickel Plated
- Zinc Plated
- Satin Chrome Plated
- Unfinished
- Vinyl-clad
- Plastic-clad
- Silicon Coated

Product Specifications:

Tube Material:Steel&Iron / Steel&Copper / Steel&Bronze
Surface Treatment:Electro-Coating / Plating / Paint / Heat Shrink Sleeve

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