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Aluminum Lamp Shade
  • Aluminum Lamp Shade

Aluminum Lamp Shade

[Name] Aluminum Light Reflector

[Color] Can be painted to any color

[Material] high-quality iron/aluminum + painting/plating

[Specification] Customized

[Applications] Applies to wall lamps, ceiling lamps, crystal lamps, candle lamps, Europ
1.Easy to install with universal pivoting mount, Super tough waterproof and scratch resistant finish.
2.Surface treatment : mill , anodized, Powder Coated , brush, sand blasting, polishing,bright dip
3.Aluminum high bay reflector with anti-glare design, reduce glare index.
4.Reflector use aluminum extrusion process, maximum the heat radiating area, got best heat dissipation effect.
5.All components use CNC process, ensure Ultra-precision

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