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First to know A Flexible Gooseneck is made of a spring and a sectional wire, which gives it its unique mechanical characteristics and to keep a given shape and position.With their special combination of flexibility and rigidity, Gooseneck Tubes can be used to create supports and arms whose position can be adjusted as needed  

But How To Choose a Flexible Gooseneck Tube?  (Just Let Us Know All Below Detailed Information or Send a Drawing to us is OK)

Pls note that all our gooseneck are fully custom made,so we need you to provide us the following info so that we can offer you the best solutions:

1- Outer Diameter/Size:
2- Inner Diameter:(Do you need to put something inside through the gooseneck)?
3- Length:
4- Finishing:
5- The thread type and length :(Do you need any kinds of connectors on both ends of the gooseneck to join your products? if so, what are the thread type and thread length)?
6- Loading weight: (How much weight should the gooseneck load/support? Is it loaded in horizontal positions or vertical when bended a little)?
7-Order Qty:

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