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Gooseneck conference microphones
  • Gooseneck conference microphones

Gooseneck conference microphones

1. Frequency response:40Hz-16kHz
3.Output Impedance:75Ω
5.Power Supply:DC3V Phantastron 48V
Gooseneck conference microphones 
Support – an object
Hold – in position
Adjustable – by being re-positioned
Connect – two objects
Conduit – for electrical wire, etc
Protect – as a nearly indestructible housing for other conduits
Rigidity (Stiffness) – Ability to hold weight
Obedience (Stay-Put) – Ability to maintain a bending diameter
Gooseneck metal tubes are widely used in lighting, Headsets, Microphone, Camera holders, scanner stand, Smartphone and tablet holders, Gooseneck USB cables, Mirror and Magnifier Brackets, medical equipments, monitoring system, Antenna and some other consumer electronics etc. We produce gooseneck pipes as customer’s specifications completely. Long-term business relationship is highly valued and reach this aim we set strict rules on production.
The Gooseneck specifications can be designed according to all the customers' requirements.
For a better quotation, please inform us the following details. All the quotations are subject to the specifications. Thank you very much.
- Outer Diameter/Size
- Inner Diameter/ Do you need to put something inside through the gooseneck?
- Length:
- Finishing:
- The thread type and length Do you need any kinds of connectors on both ends of the gooseneck to join your products? if so, what are the thread type and thread length?
- How much weight should the gooseneck load/support? Is it loaded in horizontal positions or vertical when bended a little?
- Qty:
Our Service
  1. We make Goosenecks as per customer's samples or drawing; we can also provide solutions and proposals based on customer's application. 
    2. We make Goosenecks most with Galvanized steel; we can also provide Stainless Steel and Brass gooseneck for the high-end customers.
    3. We provide various end fittings, like standard Metric size thread, NPT size thread and customized one.
    4. We provide various ways on surface treatment. Painting, Chrome, Electrophoresis, heat shrink tube cover, rubber silicone covers etc
    5. We offer various way of shipping. Courier, Air shipment and Sea shipment. 

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