Heavy-Duty Flexible Gooseneck Arm
  • Heavy-Duty Flexible Gooseneck Arm

Heavy-Duty Flexible Gooseneck Arm

Custom Made Flexible Stainless Steel, Steel, Brass Tube, Flexible Gooseneck for Antenna。Tablet Stand, Microphone, Headphone, Webcam, Lighting, Lamp, Car Player holder
Custom made Heavy-Duty Flexible Gooseneck Arm Hose Tube

    The flexible hose products (goosenecks) are widely used in LED lamp & lantern, lighting, microphone, headset,
earphone, camera,USB products, medical and detection equipment, consumer electronics, decoration, desktop magnifier,
mechanical lighting, toy andso on. Company owns the most advanced automatic facility, customizing hoses between 2.0 mm to 25 mm in diameter.
Customized hoses,have inner space for wire, and excellent bending ability. The company’s monthly output is more than 8,000,000 pieces.
    The company owns a sophisticated large-scale automatic electroplating production line. The specifications of flexible hose(gooseneck) can be customized too.
For example, the surface can be treated in chromium-plating, shiny or dark black coating,zinc-plating, silver-plating and more. We also have the most mature and
environmental friendly silicone technology in china andaround the world.
The company has the capacity to produce all kinds of styles and colors of silicone products, as well.

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